Why Hire A Doula?

In honor of Doula Week, we decided to ask some of our recent clients what they enjoyed about having a doula.  Here are these mamas words…



I chose Birth Insight based on several very high recommendations from a few close friends. But, I’ll be honest, I was only looking for a Doula because the Birth Center I would be delivering in required it for first time un-medicated moms. In my naivety, I didn’t think I would need a “birth coach”. I thought I could do it on my own. After all, your body is made to do this right? I soon realized I was more unprepared than I even dared to imagine! I am so thankful for the requirement of my Midwives to hire a doula…oh…and take a 7 week birthing class. The class was SO invaluable to me and my husband. The class covers pretty much everything that you (and your spouse) will experience, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually. All of these ladies have their own unique personalities, and birth experiences. They balance each other so well. God blessed my little family with Aimee as our Doula. She was so calm!…which is exactly what my personality needed! There was a moment where I really thought I couldn’t do it anymore but she never stopped encouraging me. She reminded me that not only did God DESIGN my body to do this, but that in fact….I WAS doing it! I could go on forever about my birth experience and why I’m so glad I had a Doula (Birth Insight especially)…but you probably get the point! Thank you, ladies for all of your hard work and dedication! Your job requires so much of you, but gives so much more in return!



When I found out I was pregnant I was stunned and excited all at the same time. I decided early on I wanted to try a natural labor because if other women could do it why couldn’t I. I attended Birth InSights birth class and after getting to know these ladies in that class I knew I wanted them to help me in my journey of becoming a mom.
I had so many ups and downs and through it all the love and support I received was beyond anything I could have imagined. Without a doula I can honestly say I would have given up. So many times I would have just given into my fears and gotten lost in worry. I’m so glad they reminded me each time that I could do this. They saw things in me that I didn’t even see myself.
When my little lady decided she didn’t want to come and the day finally came for me to be induced, my greatest fear, these ladies were there right by my side encouraging me and cheering me on. The midwife broke my water and I immediately felt my first real contraction, two hours later I was welcoming my sweet baby into the world. Sara Beth and I joked that she was my epidural and I can honestly say that when I was so overwhelmed by how quickly my labor came on she was the one who was in my ear getting me through each surge and the final stretch. I couldn’t have done it without my doula! So absolutely worth it! Thank you ladies!!!
After taking a child birthing class with Birth Insight I definitely knew I wanted a doula by my side while aiming for a natural childbirth. I will never forget the moment my water broke. Sheer panic. I texted the doulas and was elated to find out that Christi would be doing this with me! We headed to the hospital texting Christi the whole way. She met us at DePaul when I was about 5CM. The pain was just starting to get intense. Every single thing that Christi did helped. Every position she put me in, every stretch she had me do… it all made the pain manageable. When I said “I can’t do this”, Christi assured me I could. The security she put in me and my husband was inexpressible. She pushed me in the best ways. She held my hand. She comforted me. She kept me calm. She did everything in her power to help me. I will never forget Christi being a part of that day with me. Her love and support didn’t stop at the delivery. She visited me the next day when I was having nursing troubles and was at a very discouraged and low point. She texted me and she called me daily. She was the biggest supporter and cheerleader for me. We had a lot of challenges after the delivery with latching, multiple bouts of mastitis, thrush, jaundice and Christi was there through it all. I didn’t just “hire” a doula. I found a friend for life. Her grace, love, support and selflessness will never ever be forgotten.

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